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Agenda Lingkungan



23 Maret = Hari Air Dunia  (World Water Day)

Sejarah : http://www.worldwaterday.org/page/135

Sabtu terakhir bulan Maret = Jam Bumi (Earth Hour)

Sejarah : http://www.earthhour.org/page/about/about-earth-hour



22 April = Hari Bumi (Earth Day)



5 Juni = Hari Lingkungan Dunia (World Environment Day)

8 Juni = Hari Laut Dunia (World Oceans Day)

Sejarahnya : http://worldoceansday.org/about-2/history/



11 Juli = Hari Populasi Dunia (World Population Day)

Website : http://www.unfpa.org/public/world-population-day/


16 September = Hari Perlindungan Lapisan Ozon

18 – 20 September = Minggu Bersih-bersih Dunia (Clean Up The World Weedend)


Senin pertama bulan Oktober = Hari Habitat Sedunia (World Habitat Day)


15 Nopember = Hari Daur Ulang (Recycling Day)

19 November = Hari Toilet Sedunia (World Toilet Day)


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